Don't be afraid to go to the Dentist because of the Covid-19 outbreak!

Dentists returned to routine treatment practices from June 1. Endodontics Specialist Dr. Diller Ozkan stressed that dental treatments that were delayed during the Coronavirus outbreak should be performed as soon as possible.


Endodontics Specialist Dr. D; ” the COVID-19 epidemic also represents an unprecedented global public health crisis. The mouth, as it is known, is the key to the respiratory tract and is one of the main entrances, it has become known to everyone that the mouth is one of the most important access routes for Coronavirus to enter the body. Therefore, how important oral health is with this epidemic has been revealed once again. By neglecting oral health and dental treatment, it is possible to say that the likelihood of other harmful virus and bacterial infections increases with COVID-19. Coronavirus is known to spread through respiratory droplets that spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks. We, dentists, are very good at Infection Control and safety. For years, dentists have been working with many easily transmitted diseases. That is why we have been paying great attention to mask use, cross-infection control and sterilization in our treatments for many years,”she said.


A specialist in Endodontics, who said that they have taken all the necessary measures since the beginning of the pandemic process, Dr. Diller Özkan said: “when new safety protocols are implemented, I would like to say that the risk of dentists and our patients getting COVID-19 is minimal. It should be known once again that postponing routine care is a major health problem in itself, and that it poses significant health risks in the long term. Because the oral and dental health problems that we neglect affect other systems in our body, making us resistant to infections. Especially during this epidemic period; while we should have a strong immune system, we reduce our body resistance with treatments that we neglect. For example, it is known that there is a link between gum health and diabetes and heart disease to avoid causing this; we should not neglect our oral and dental health. Let’s not forget that health begins by mouth,” she said.

A doctor who stated that they observed very serious differences compared to the previous ones in patients who came for dental care with the new normalization Diller Ozkan;” people’s oral hygiene is worse and at this point it becomes more difficult to achieve success in treatment. The reason is that the long time spent at home with the pandemic, along with the deterioration of human psychological dynamics, changes in our eating and drinking habits. Sweets and sodas consumed in excess are the most obvious reasons for this, ” she said.


It is very clear that people may be more nervous than usual about visiting the dentist during the pandemic process, Dr. Diller Ozkan, ” the fear of the second wave has also settled in everyone’s mind. Especially during such a period, our people have started not to even go to hospitals unless they are essential and very urgent for their general health needs. It’s as if the hospital environment is more unsafe. In particular, a group of patients who have escaped Dental interventions has emerged. Unfortunately, at the moment, everywhere is unsafe and we have to live in compliance with the rules of mask, distance, hygiene everywhere. But this does not prevent us from having our treatments in cautious and safe clinics. Even before the pandemic, we, as Istanbul Denti Core Dentistry hospitals, had quite strict hygiene practices. First, we will follow all hygiene rules, and then we will look at how many clinics or dental hospitals follow the rules. If hygiene rules are not followed, we will immediately move away from there and notify the necessary places,” she said.

Diller Özkan