What Do You Know About Medical Tourism?

In the process of globalization, the importance of medical tourism in the world is increasing with developments in international cooperation and the opportunity to travel between countries and financial convenience in transportation.

What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism also requires a multidisciplinary perspective in terms of examination, treatment and hotel management, advertising, architecture and economics. Medical tourism can be defined as a trip to a country to receive any treatment practice in the field of medicine, surgery, or dentistry.

Today there are both qualitative and quantitative changes in inpatient mobility. This kind of change is due to increased marketing and online consumer information about low-cost treatments, affordable flights and availability of medical services. Medical tourism is a concept in which people often stay abroad after receiving medical treatment. It also allows people to benefit from their visit by travelling, making day trips or participating in other traditional tourism activities.

Why Medical Tourism?

According to a study by McKinsey&Company, the reasons why people travel to different countries for medical tourism are stated as follows:

40% are state-of-the-art hospitals.
32% best quality medical treatments and applications.
15% easy transport processes.
9% lowest cost services.
4% are low-cost factors for on-demand applications.

In addition, the recommendations of previous patients and the effectiveness of advertising strategies are as important as the reputation of the hospital.

Medical Tourism In Turkey

Health and medical tourism in Turkey has developed rapidly in recent years. This progress is marked by experienced physicians and medical staff, high medical technology, quality of service, hospitality, infrastructure and superstructure.

The above mentioned factors have increased the potential of medical tourism in Turkey.

Some other factors affecting the popularity and success of medical tourism in Turkey include:

Hospitals equipped with advanced technology,
Health infrastructure and superstructure,
Qualified manpower,
Cost-effective treatments compared to other countries,
Lack of waiting time for treatment,
Hospitals with international accreditation certificate,
Availability of holiday facilities and treatment services.

In 2018, 700,000 foreign tourists visited Turkey to benefit from Turkey’s medical treatment and care services. The potential of health tourism in Turkey is also reflected in the figures of some institutions. According to TÜRSAB, 2 million international patients are expected in Turkey in 2023, and these numbers are expected to increase further after the pandemic period.

What Are The Most Preferred Treatments In Health Tourism?

The complete absence or lack of health insurance leads people to seek medical treatment in other countries. Insurance companies generally do not cover health procedures, which are related to cosmetics, dentistry, fertility or even weight loss. The following list of the main medical procedures preferred by medical tourists coming to Turkey from abroad will not surprise you.

Cosmetic Surgery
IVF Treatment
Bariatric Surgery
Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Why Denti Core ?

Denti Core provides high quality health care to its patients with over ten years of experience. Main services;

Hair Transplantation

Denti Core is one of the best hair October centers in Turkey and competes with the most advanced centers in Europe. Natural Clinic also has the most comprehensive hair October facility with 55 operating rooms and provides services with experienced doctors.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a great alternative for those who want to personalize their appearance and achieve their beauty goals. Cosmetic surgeries can tighten and improve skin texture, adapt to facial features, increase breast size, and even more, restoring your self-confidence.

Bariatric Surgery

Denti Core is committed to providing the highest quality service with compassion and dedication. We offer our patients a wide range of surgical alternatives for weight loss, including gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Dental Treatments

Denti Core offers dental services with high technological and medical infrastructure under the supervision of qualified academic staff dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our patients.

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