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Smiling beautifully is an element that puts you in a more privileged position during social communication. Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. Thanks to the dental aesthetics – smile design, it is aimed to treat the problematic mouth and tooth structure.

With smile design, it is possible to have healthier and brighter teeth. Many dental treatment methods such as porcelain laminated veneers, Zirconium tooth coating, E max tooth coating, Pink aesthetics and implant dental treatment include smile design.

Smile design, dentistry, aesthetics and art are applied together to provide a special and ideal smile to the face. Our teeth are lined up in harmony with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of a healthy, aesthetic and beautiful smile are our teeth, so having comprehensive information about tooth shapes and anatomical features is the basis of all treatments. In order to have more insight into what a well-designed smile should look like, the inner and outer edges of the facial features should be examined. Facial features, gender, age, smile symmetry, the order and colors of the teeth, lips and gums are the factors that determine the aesthetic smile design.

In the smile design, the form of the teeth is determined by considering all these factors. With a smile design, it is possible to look younger, to erase the traces of years around the teeth and lips and to look more dynamic.
Along with smile design techniques, it is very important to apply the experience, skill and aesthetic art of the dentist.
You can get information to your dentist about aesthetic smile design and techniques.

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