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The history of dentistry, BC. It goes back to the dental treatment methods applied in 3000 years.

B.C. A report of carving an abscessed tooth and describing the first dental surgery was found in Egyptian ruins from 2750 BC. The emergence of dentistry as an independent profession coincides with the 18th century. The foundations of scientific dentistry in our country were laid on November 22, 1908 and it was accepted as “Dentists Day” in 1996.
During the Dentistry week covering the dates 21-27 November; the importance of oral and dental health; The duties of families and society are emphasized in order to gain the habit of brushing to new generations, especially with the trainings given from childhood.


Eliminating the Janissaries II. Mahmut was desperate because of his toothache; The search for a physician to do the dental treatment of the sultan was started. As a result, Çelebi Abraham Bivaz, who was Jewish, was found and a house and 1.500 lira monthly were given to Çelebi, who pulled the teeth of the sultan.
Turkey, annual per capita consumption of toothpaste; It is behind developed countries with 110 grams. In addition, the annual use of toothbrushes per person is less than 1 (0.94). In the USA, the annual use of toothbrushes per person is 1.8 and the use of paste is 400 grams per year.
The rate of tooth decay in children between the ages of 2 and 6 in the USA is 19 percent. However, the incidence of tooth decay in our country is 88 percent in children aged six years.
The rate of tooth decay is in line with the socioeconomic level of families, as in many diseases. According to the data of the World Health Organization, tooth and gum disorders are one of the biggest and widespread health problems experienced by humanity. According to the researches of the Ministry of Health, the most common disease in the 0-12 age group is “tooth decay”.


It is a fact that our citizens cannot reach oral and dental health services at superior standards. This situation is not due to the low number of dentists providing oral and dental health services in our country, but due to inaccuracies in the health policies applied. In our country, 24 thousand dentists are actively performing their profession. 14 thousand of these physicians work in private clinics; others serve only to the public, as required by the full time law. There are currently 40 dental faculties in our country. Education is provided in 29 of these faculties.
Oral dental health research results in our country show that dental and gum diseases are common and their severity is high. Out of every 100 adults, 90 have decayed teeth and 85 have gum disease. The rate of those who lose all their teeth in the 55-65 age group is around 50 percent. It increases the risks of tooth decay and gum diseases, cardiovascular, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and preterm birth. I wish you healthy and bright days.

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