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Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

A 53 year-old male , who was slightly overweight and not sleeping well , presented with an extremely worn dentition. He had missing ,worn,and discolored teeth. He wanted to be able to chew food again and bite into food with his front teeth , and he would often look down when talking . His persona in how he showed up was weak, detefead , self-conscious,ashamed,frustrated , and worn out . He noted that he had a problem with getting a good night’s rest and of being tired during the day. Adding Further to his psychological state , the had also been diagnosed with fighting cancer but he was in remission at the time of this visit .
We started by having a discussion with the patient about  his present condition first and then his turure goals ; the gap between the 2ent condition first and then his future goals;the hao between the is challenging as most patients are not inclined to make themselves uncomfortable until the pain of staying the same is higher than the pain that change requires. Real roadblocks , such as finding the money required for treatment , need to be addressed. A patient’s unrealized subconscious and self-imposed roadblocks must be dealt with as well . Strategic questions were asked to help the patient come to his own conclusion. We discussed his needs and desires by creating an honest and open conversation that also kept him focused on the objective at hand . It was obvious that this patient needed a full-mouth rehabilitation , and , thankfully, the patient arrived at the same conclusion .
We then took photos and showed him one potential new appearance using digital simulation software. Upon seeing the imagery of what could be created , the patient altered his einting thought process.The excitement in being able to see a new alternate reality opened the mind to the possibility tiw available . This visualization process helps patients feel good because solutions are present that will help them .
Next , photos, followed by upper and lower impressions, were taken using an accurate and dimensionally stable vinyl polysiloxane alginate material . Once set , this VPS impression material allows multiple models to be pupred , if needed going forward A face-bow transfer was also taken and used to mount the case onto a semi-adjustable articulator .

Referral to the Sleep Specialist

The patient was referred out for a sleep study to determine if his excess weight , sleep disturbances , and daytime tiredness were caused by apnea . The results of the study revealed that he did have sleep apnea . A CPAP machine was prescribed for him , and once he started to use it , he was immediately sleeping better and feeling better . He stated that he had more energy in the mornings as well as throughout the day .

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